WATCH: Spike Lee At Odds With NY Knicks Because He Apparently Thinks He's Too Good For VIP Entrance - OLF

Nick Kangadis | March 5, 2020
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Welcome back to Out Of Left Field! 

Spike Lee recently sat down with ESPN's "First Take" to talk about being upset over a sudden rule change that would force him to use the VIP entrance at Madison Square Garden (MSG) instead of the employee entrance, which he claims he's used for 28 years. Lee says he won't be attending Knicks games for the rest of this season.

The New York Knicks, who play at MSG, think Lee's outrage is "laughable," and they've doubled down on wanting celebrities to use the VIP or general entrances.

Check out my latest where I'll break down both sides of this petty squabble between the Knicks and a fan who basically doubles as a mascot as this point.

Don't forget to watch the video at the top. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more!

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