WATCH: Trump Gives Scolding Look to Moroccan King for Falling Asleep During Macron Speech

Nick Kangadis | November 13, 2018

Some things are just funny. Even when they’re not meant to be funny, that’s when some of the funniest things happen.

Apparently, French president Emmanuel Macron's speech commemorating the end of "The War to End All Wars" wasn't enough of a motivator for everyone to stay conscious.

Macron was giving the speech to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, which is a day of remembrance for the signing of an armistice by both the Allies and Germany to effectively end World War I in 1918.

As interesting as that sounds, King Mohammed VI of Morocco had a really difficult time focusing on what Macron was saying. As a matter of fact, Mohammed literally fell asleep next to First Lady Melania Trump. However, sitting next to the First Lady was President Trump, and his reaction to Mohammed falling asleep is priceless.

Just picture falling asleep during a dinner party when you’re a kid and getting caught by your parents.

Take a look. It’s worth every second:

Trump basically looked at Mohammed like, ‘Are you kidding me, dude?’

I gotta admit, I chuckled. The president certainly knows how to turn a negative into a net positive when it comes to interpersonal exchanges, even without knowing he’s doing it.

Sometimes we need to just sit back, take things in and pay them no mind by simply laughing at them. If nothing else, I hope all of you at least got a laugh out of this.