WATCH: Where's The Fact-Checkers? 'The View's' Views On Ideology Easily Debunked

Nick Kangadis | May 19, 2022
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Welcome back to the best kept secret in the conservative movement, Things That Need To Be Said. Depending on your personal preference, you can watch the YouTube version of this week's show above or the Rumble version below. There's no difference in the videos. We just want to give you options.

"The View's" Sunny Hostin recently gave one of her usually terrible takes, this time on the ideology of the major political parties, where they currently sit and why.

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Check out this week's Things That Need To Be Said where I easily debunk Hostin in this week's edition of Things That Need To Be Said.

Don't forget to watch the video at the top or below. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more!

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