WATCH: 'Woke' Went Broke...Again - Out Of Left Field

Nick Kangadis | October 31, 2019
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Welcome back to Out Of Left Field!

If you're just as sick and tired as I am of soft, weak leftists making soft, weak excuses for their own shortcomings that they think everyone else should take responsibility for, this week's edition of OLF is just for you!

The interim editor-in-chief at sports culture website Deadspin was fired recently because he ignored his company's edict of having the articles stick to sports. Both the terminated employee and other "journalists" displayed their sympathy and outrage on Twitter, because...of course they did.

Check out this week's edition of OLF to get my take on how stupid this whole situation seems to be. If you don't do what you're paid to do, why should the person paying you continue to pay you?

Don't forget to watch the video at the top. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more!

Sources: The Blaze, Twitter (@Barry/Barry Petchesky), Deadline