We Can See You! Actor John Cena Profusely Apologizes to China for Calling Taiwan a Country

Nick Kangadis | May 25, 2021

You sometimes have to wonder why someone would cower to a tyrannical, communist government when that someone doesn’t live in that country and is already ridiculously wealthy. Is it some kind of personal statement that they condone the actions of such a government, or is it simply out of greed?

That question could be asked of actor and former professional wrestler John Cena after he publicly and profusely apologized to China on Tuesday for the perceived crime of claiming Taiwan is country.

Cena did an interview earlier in May with a Taiwanese TV station in order to promote his new movie, “Fast & Furious 9,” which is reportedly the last movie for the franchise.

“Taiwan will be the first country to see Fast & Furious 9. This movie is really great—and it's huge," the 44-year-old said on May 8. "You'll be the first to see the film.”

John, John. When you’re a slave to Chinese money, you gotta know that you can’t acknowledge Taiwan as its own autonomous country.

Well, Cena — or the movie studio — eventually realized Cena’s Chinese faux pas and released a short video on the equivalent to Twitter in China, Weibo.

Seriously, folks. Cena’s apology to China sounds like something prepared for a hostage — or maybe it’s just the translation from Chinese that makes him sound like a coward.

Here’s Cena’s apology in full, which has reportedly received over 2.5 million views at the time of publication, according to Newsweek:

Hello, China. This is John Cena. I did many, many interviews for Fast & Furious 9. In one of the interviews I made a mistake.

I love and respect China and Chinese people. I'm very, very sorry for my mistake. Sorry, sorry. I'm very sorry. You must understand I love and respect China and Chinese people. Sorry. Goodbye.

Good Lord! Do you think saying “sorry” five times in just a few short sentences was enough?

Apparently not for some fans in China, some of whom said that Cena’s apology didn’t go far enough.

“Please say in Chinese, 'Taiwan is part of China,' otherwise we won't accept [your apology],” the reported “top liked comment” said.

Maybe Cena hasn’t heard of the human atrocities in some parts of China carried out by the Chinese government. I guess concentration camps aren’t that big of a deal to Cena…or welding people into their homes because of COVID…or using slave labor to make countless products that they sell to the rest of the world…or denying basic humanity to people in Hong Kong or Taiwan or anywhere else that they attempt to occupy.

Whatever the case, we can all see you very clearly now, John.

Here's video of Cena's apology, with alleged comments not reported by Newsweek translated as well: