'We're Risking Everything': Chicago PD Supt. David Brown Says 65 CPD Officers Shot at in 2020, 10 Hit

Nick Kangadis | September 15, 2020

Just as in most major cities controlled by far-leftists, the leadership in said cities tend to always let down their police departments. Those departments take the majority of the brunt whenever anything goes wrong or when there’s a spike in crime. People should really begin looking at the politicians who put the policies in place that essentially handcuff officers from doing their jobs.

Case in point is the situation in Chicago. In 2020, on weekends alone, at least 236 people have been shot and killed in Chicago with another 1,246 being wounded. A ridiculous 2,858 people have been victims of shootings in total in 2020, according to the Chicago Tribune.

There’s another statistic that we never look at, and we all probably should.

In comments to reporters on Monday, Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent David Brown noted that 65 police officers have been shot at in 2020, with 10 actually sustaining wounds.

“We’re risking everything,” Brown told reporters, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Brown also noted that the CPD hasn’t seen a year in which officers have been fired at like this in “any previous year that anyone can recall.”

“There’s not a comparable year,” Brown said. “That’s five times any previous year that anyone can recall in this city, the number of officers.”

Brown also brought up a statistic that doesn’t get a lot of prominent press — the amount of guns CPD takes off the street.

“But make no mistake, we remain focused on making our city safer and taking guns and violent offenders off of our streets,” Brown also said.

The superintendent reportedly told reporters that along with the dozens of people that were shot over the weekend, 87 illegal guns had also been taken off the streets.

Police departments and officers are not prefect. No one is perfect. But sometimes, we need to realize that police also has to deal with the politics and politicians that come along with the job.