Wesley Clark: Who Cares What The Military Thinks?

kpicket | August 24, 2008
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By Kerry Picket It is upsetting when current or former military personnel like Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Gen. Wesley Clark make anti-military remarks. Clark's attitude is particularly disturbing. Unlike Murtha and Kerry, Clark was actively involved in directing troop movement with a high military rank in the recent past. While his Democratic supporters boast about Clark's Army background, few mention his sour, condescending nature toward the military. Clark stuck his foot in his mouth back in July when he said Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s Navy experience does not qualify him for the nation's highest office. Recently, Clark did it again. During an interview on the Lars Larson Show, Clark said the military vote is not relevant to presidential elections. If anyone has lost touch, it is Clark, a former military general who ran himself to become commander-in-chief four years ago.
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