West: Tyranny, Not COVID-19, Is America’s Most Dangerous Virus

West | May 4, 2020
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What is uniquely different about this response to the COVID-19 virus is that a more dangerous virus has evolved -- the tyranny of government.

The American people were told back in March that we needed go to into a “lockdown” for two weeks to “flatten the curve.” I have always loved it when politicians come up with these soundbite references that seem so innocuous in the short term.

Well, two weeks got extended, and extended some more, and in the case of Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown, it is extended until July 6th. California’s Governor Gavin Newsome has decreed that all beaches are closed. New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy proudly stated that he did not consider the Bill of Rights in deciding upon his edicts, after all it is “above his pay grade.” And in Michigan, well, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has simply gone stuck on stupid.

We have seen parents being arrested for playing with their children in parks. We have seen people getting citations for driving alone in their cars -- just taking a drive. The real meaning of “lockdown” has become house arrest -- illegally implemented martial law.

The virus of tyranny shut down economic activity, instituted house arrest, and has imparted greater harm and danger than the virus, but there is a cure.

There is a vaccine against the tyranny virus, it is called Liberty.

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