WH Spox: Americans Must Endure High Gas Prices to Preserve 'The Future of the Liberal World Order'

Brittany M. Hughes | July 1, 2022
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Hours after President Joe Biden told the American people to get used to bank-breakingly high gas prices for "as long as it takes" due to the war in Ukraine, CNN asked Biden's National Economic Council Director Brian Deese to respond to American families who can't afford to keep paying upwards of $5 a gallon at the pump for what could potentially be years.

And Deese's pathetic answer was about as infuriating as it gets, even by Biden administration standards.

"The military analysts, the director of National Intelligence, they say this could be a long war, measured in years," The CNN host began.

"Is this sustainable? What do you say to those families who say listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months if not years?" he then asked Deese.

“What you heard from the president this afternoon is a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm," Deese said, in what may perhaps be the most insultingly dismissive and out-of-touch statement ever thrown at the American people by an administration in history.

But don't worry - if you're lamenting having to prop up the "Liberal World Order" at the expense of your family's dinner table, this administration is trying to shave off a few cents at the pump to help out - by, of course, shoving the blame on everyone else.

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Deese then lamely repeated the White House line that Biden administration will do “everything in its power to blunt those price increases and bring those prices down,” including pushing Congress for a gas tax holiday.

Notably not on the president’s agenda, it seems, is any mention of a plan to roll back harmful environmental rules and left-wing policies stifling oil and energy production here at home to put the United States back on a track to energy independence.

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