What?! Loudoun County Public Schools Supt. Deemed 'Non-proficient' Gets $28K Raise

Jessica Kramer | August 1, 2022
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Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler – who has been at the center of the ongoing controversy in Loudoun County, Virginia – is receiving a $28,000 salary bonus (which is about 10 percent of his annual salary), along with an annual $10,000 car allowance.

Ian Prior of America First Legal and Executive Director of Fight for Schools pointed out that two members of the Loudoun County School Board, an Independent and a Democrat, voted against Ziegler and rated him as being non-proficient in his role.

Related: Probe Into Bathroom Sex Assaults At Loudoun County Schools Continues

The board itself is under special grand jury investigation for its failure to release what they knew concerning two sexual assaults that happened among minors within the school system and their negligence to handle the first assault correctly contributing in part to the second assault.

Why the man isn’t fired for his leadership failures rather than being rewarded, one has to wonder...


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