What a Quack: This Person Says a Duck Lives In Her 'Headspace'

Brittany M. Hughes | July 28, 2022
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There’s a woman – well, maybe...it sounds like a woman, but I’m not sure how she identifies so let’s just assume here – who wants you to know about her “headmate, who happens to be a duck.”

As in, a fictutious duck. Who lives inside her head.

And talks to her. And sometimes takes control of her mind.

Believe it or not, it gets weirder. According to this lady’s delusion, she has “headspace” meetings with all of the personalities residing in her brain. Which would be a giant red flag signaling someone who should make her way into the closest therapists’ office post-hasty – but instead, she’s on TikTok, explaining her delusion to a generation of people who think men can be women and there’s an endless list of pronouns.

“We have a lot of questions about our headmate, who happens to be a duck,” she begins.

Hey, so do I! Let's continue.

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She explains that she and her other inner beings “have only interacted with this guy twice.”

“The first time he was just waddling around and stepping on everybody else’s feet,” she explained.

The second time, she says, the duck “fronted” – meaning he took over her brain as the dominant personality – then “looked at our arm and he thought, with the voice of a 40-year-old man from Boston, he thought, ‘Where the f*** are my feathers?’”

Now, your first thought – beyond “What the ever-loving crap did I just hear?” – is probably along the lines of “This can’t be real.”

But, consider that Democrats in the United States House of Representatives recently called upon the testimony of a pro-abortion witch who spends her free time prancing about the forest dressed like a squirrel.

So, unlike the duck in this girl’s “headspace,” this delusion is all too real – as, apparently, is our warped society’s acceptance of it.

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