Wheaton College Sends Gender-Confusing Manual To Its Natural Sciences Professors

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 6, 2022
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Watchdogs have discovered yet another move by progressive college “educators” that embraces anti-science and attacks the meaning of words.

And, thanks to Donald Trump, the majority in the DC GOP, and the majority in the DC Democrat gang, you helped pay for it.

Margaret Peppiat reports for The College Fix that “private” Wheaton College in Massachusetts recently released a new memo recommending its “natural sciences” professors join the woke horde and operate “gender-affirming classrooms.”

The document includes a section dedicated to the 'Natural Sciences' that tells instructors who teach about sex differences, sexuality or reproduction 'to consider using terms that are both more precise and which better account for these bodies and experiences.'

And, of course, by “more precise,” they refer to avoidance of reality and the embrace of gender-confusing fantasy.

Pardon the terminology:

In particular, the memo advises against using the terms ‘male genitalia’ and ‘female genitalia’ and instead suggests ‘penis,’ ‘testes,’ ‘vulva’ or ‘clitoris.’

But, of course, by advising profs to avoid using those two, gender-related, terms, the woke Wheaton warriors actually acknowledge their validity. Why would they want to shy away from the terms “male genitalia” and “female genitalia” if the terms, themselves, weren’t axiomatically different and uniquely tied to the different sexes?

Because, of course, they are trying to avoid reality and the fact that those traits are biologically, chromosomally, assigned – that they are, by definition, tied to the unique and undeniable terms “male” and “female.”

The guide also advises against the terms ‘born female’ or ‘biological male.’ Instead, use ‘assigned [male/female] at birth,’ the guide states.

It also encourages the terms ‘People with uteruses,’ ‘people who menstruate” and ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘women’ or ‘females.’

All of which runs in the opposite direction of the scientific method. Simply put, one merely need ask, “What kinds of human beings menstruate? What kinds of human beings carry XX chromosomes and XY chromosomal assignments? What is being artificially removed, or added as sophisticated makeup, when a person undergoes sexual organ self-mutilation by medical proxy?”

Those would be the male or female sex organs that the Wheaton College Administration does not want to acknowledge, and DOES acknowledge through their attempted avoidance.

Losing them, or pretending to add them via implant, does not change the genetics of the person under the knife. The person still is a male or female.

And this nonsense gets worse, because, of course, it isn’t isolated to avoiding the logical syllogism that there are male and female sex organs. The Wheaton crew wants to dive into “pronoun” propaganda.

’When you introduce yourself to students, consider sharing your own pronouns; if you typically ask students to introduce themselves, too, you can invite (but not require) them to share their own pronouns at that time,’ the guide states.

Yes, it’s the tired “Choose Your Own Adventure” pronoun-erosion nonsense that claims people simply can “choose” to be a “him” or a “her” or even a “plural.”

So, let’s be blunt. As I have told my students, don’t use a “plural” pronoun to describe a single person. Be precise. And if anyone hassles you about it, ask the termagant this:

If you worked in an emergency room, and received calls from ambulances racing towards your doors, would you allow the ambulance team to be ambiguous and use ‘they’ to mean a single person, or would you need to know how many people were coming to you? Would you allow the radio dispatch to avoid mentioning whether the victim was male or female – or would you need to know, because there are biological differences between men and women?

It is near criminal that people who claim to be involved in “education” are so willing to involve themselves with this clouding of reality.

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But what makes it worse is that we subsidized it.

As Wheaton College itself admits (with seeming pride), in 2020, it received $669,257 from the Trump-pushed, GOP-Democrat Congress passed, “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act,” and the school gave it to students to cover their “costs” of the Wheaton “education.”

In other words, it went to Wheaton. Beyond being patently unconstitutional, this graft strips us of our volition.

All, while the Wheaton team use it to strip common sense and scientific reality away from the campus.

If the school were private, as it purports to be, its Deciders would not take public money, and folks could decide for themselves what they liked in an education. But, we weren’t given any choice. And, as with the terms “male” and “female,” political forces have blinded people to reality.

It is up to us to hold firm and spread the positive message that there is a real world, a world where people cannot simply pretend things are what they imagine they are.

Sadly, Wheaton College got our cash for doing exactly the opposite.

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(Cover Photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel)