A 'Wheel of Fortune' Guess That Caused Pat Sajak to Walk Off Set

Katie Rodriguez | November 12, 2014
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Pat Sajak has been known to horse around on Wheel of Fortune for the 33 years of hosting the show, but this amount of horseplay actually made him walk off the set.

The category for this episode was "What are you doing?"

The contestants, however, had other ideas.  

After two contestants successfully guessed the first letter, one contestant answered, "Riding a brown horse."

"That's amazing!" Sajak says. "And it's wrong."

The next two contestants put a letter "G" on the board, and another contestant answered, "Riding a white horse."

Sajak shook his head and walked off the stage for a moment. It was all in good fun, however, because he walked right back on stage.

In case you're wondering what the answer was, the correct answer was "Seeing a buddy movie."

H/T People Magazine