When Does It Stop? Security Drags Out Man at School Board Meeting for Being Maskless

Nick Kangadis | February 10, 2022
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There’s yet another video of someone being essentially assaulted by “authority” figures for not complying with ridiculous edicts that don’t make a difference in the first place.

For context, take into account that the latest incident occurred in New York, so authoritarian practices are the “new normal” in that state.

A man identified as Dave Calus, as reported by The Daily Wire, was sitting at a school board meeting waiting for his turn to speak in Webster, New York on Tuesday when he was basically assaulted and dragged out for not wearing a mask.

That’s it. That was his crime.

The woman who filmed the ordeal could be heard exclaiming at the police officer acting as security for the meeting, “Oh my God! What are you doing?”

Another female bystander was heard excitedly asking a very important question to the officer.

“Is this how you treat our children, too?” the woman asked before following up. “Do you put your hands on the children like that, too?”

While those questions could perhaps be slightly hyperbolic, the sentiment of the questions isn’t out of bounds. Essentially, ‘If you treat parents like this, how do your treat our kids when we’re not around?’

Some might say Calus was forcibly removed, others might say he’s detained. But just because the person is an officer or security guard, that doesn’t give them the right to put their hands on you when you’re not causing a disturbance in the least.

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H/T: The Blaze


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