Where's Biden? Gas Prices Jump Nearly 11 Cents in a Week, Almost 27 Cents in a Month!

Nick Kangadis | January 20, 2023
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Notice how there’s absolutely no one in President Joe Biden’s regime talking about gas prices anymore? Well, that’s probably because it’s on its way back up to the record levels that Biden set less than a year ago.

Currently, according to AAA, the average price of a regular gallon of gas as of Friday is $3.392, which is up nearly 11 cents from a week ago ($3.285/gal.) and almost 27 cents from exactly one month ago ($3.123).

The prices have been increasing for all other grades of gas per gallon as well, except for Diesel which is recovering from a severe shortage where the U.S. was days away from being out of supply.

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Biden hasn’t mentioned gas prices on Twitter in a week. And even while gas was going back up, Biden touted gas being “down more than $1.70 from its peak.” Except, Biden is the president in which gas prices saw its peak.

Only Biden and the people who run him could tout a net loss.


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