While Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Spars with Trump, 25 More People Were Shot on Monday Alone

Nick Kangadis | July 21, 2020

I really hope I don’t have to keep writing about the shootings in Chicago every single day, yet here I am. I’m also going to just keep asking the question, ‘Where’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot?’ It seems she too busy battling with President Donald Trump about not wanting federal help in trying to curb the deadly violence in her city. Get over your pride and actually help the people of Chicago one time!

Unfortunately, 25 more people were shot in Chicago on Monday. Three of the victims were fatally shot across the Chicagoland area.

Here are the names of those who were killed on Monday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Malcom Meridy, 25

Davaris Davis, 31

Jonathan Castillo, 32

As for Lightfoot, the mayor sent a reply letter on Monday — almost a month after Trump sent a letter to Lightfoot and the city — dictating to the president what she believes the city needs instead of federal agents coming in to help stem the tide of violence. Among Lightfoot’s requests are “Common-sense gun safety reform” and the rest basically amounted to an increase in community organizing.

While Lightfoot admits that there “too many illegal guns that flood” the streets of Chicago, she believes “universal background checks,” the investigation of “federally licensed gun dealers,” and stopping illegal gun sales on social media are what the city needs help with from the federal government.

Except, criminals don’t register their weapons. They may have stolen registered weapons or purchased stolen registered weapons, but that doesn’t mean they legally own them.

Instead of providing the Chicago Police Department (CPD) with the tools that would allow them to help in stamping out violent crime — at least to a degree — Lightfoot decided to take a veiled shot at Trump and preached to him about being “inclusive,” essentially saying that the city will only "partner" with the federal government if they play identity politics.

“In the end, we very much want to partner with an executive branch that respects our city, inclusive of all our residents, regardless of race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, sexual orientation or ability,” Lightfoot wrote.

Maybe instead of helping the people of Chicago, she’s trying to score points in order to eventually receive a medal in the virtue-signaling Olympics.

People are dying, mayor. Quit playing games.