'Whistleblowers' Claim FBI DID Target Parents Upset at School Boards, Contradicting AG Garland's Testimony

Nick Kangadis | May 13, 2022
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Who in government can’t be accused of possibly lying about their actions within the current regime? At this point, it would probably take less time to list those that haven’t “allegedly” lied than to list those that have.

Remember when Attorney General Merrick Garland told Congress last October that the Department of Justice (DOJ) wasn’t targeting parents upset with their local school boards for indoctrinating their children as “domestic terrorists?”

Well, according to Fox News, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) claim to have evidence that says the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did indeed target parents “with a threat tag created by the bureau’s Counterterrorism Division to assess and track investigations related to school boards.”

Fox News also reported:

The memo highlighted the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center, which Jordan and Johnson likened to a "snitch-line" for tips about parents at school board meetings. 

An internal email from the FBI’s criminal and counterterrorism divisions instructed agents to apply the threat tag "EDUOFFICIALS" to all investigations and assessments of threats directed specifically at education officials. 

Jordan and Johnson, citing a whistleblower, said the FBI opened investigations with the EDUOFFICIALS threat in every region of the country and relating to all types of educational settings.

The lawmakers cited several examples where someone reported a parent, or a state elected official using the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center.

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MRCTV’s P. Gardner Goldsmith reported back on the possibility of a “federal whistleblower” in November 2020, writing the following:

Many observers of Garland’s October 21 testimony soon noticed the discrepancy between the National School Boards Association’s flight away from its initial – and quite overblown – claims that many concerned parents at school board meetings around the U.S. were “potential terror threats,”[…]

For some wild, bizarre reason, one might just be led to conclude that the Biden administration and people at the NSBA coordinated to create a trumped-up “crisis,” have it promoted by the leftist pop media who ceaselessly show contempt for local parental concerns about collectivist pedagogy on school grounds, and then, initiate pre-planned federal police actions against said parents as a method of intimidation reminiscent of the Obama administration’s intimidation of journalists when Biden was vice president.

It just goes to show that what a government official says and what the truth actually is are often two completely different things. One has to wonder if Garland will be brought back in front of a congressional committee to answer for these possible “discrepancies.”

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