White Guy Doesn't Want to Look Racist, Cries Over Black Guy Getting Arrested for Threatening His Family with a Knife

Nick Kangadis | June 27, 2023
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It’s insane to think that white leftists have gotten to a point where they’re so eager to prove they’re not racists that they cry to police when they arrest a suspect — who happens to be black — that threatened their family with a knife while telling them to “die.”

In video currently going viral on Twitter, police body cam footage from May of 2022 shows a white man crying to an officer because they were arresting a black man who brandished a knife, threatened to stab his family to death and told him to “die.”

“I don’t want him arrested,” the victim told the officer. “I just want him to leave us alone.”

“But he had a weapon on him, and there was terrorist threats,” the officer responded.

That’s when the white guy made an excuse for the “alleged” criminal.

“Brandishing is not a crime with a knife. Brandishing is only a crime for a gun,” the man explained.

“Terroristic threats, though, sir,” the officer said.

“Because he said ‘die’ to me and had his knife out?” the white man asked.

Yes, moron!

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It was then that the white “man” began to cry, because of the dumbest reason ever, which seemed like a virtue signal he was attempting to display to the cop.

“If I thought you were going to arrest him, I wouldn’t have called,” the man said before beginning to sob. “I just want him to leave us alone.”

“I understand, but we have a job to do,” the officer responded.

“Now he’s going to think I’m doing this cause I’m white and he’s black,” the man said in a high-pitched voice while crying. “Or, he’s homeless and I’m not. I don’t want that.”

“But did he do what he did?” the officer asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t want him thinking I did it because he’s in whatever situation he’s in,” the man said weeping. “I just want him to leave us alone.”

“I doubt that,” the officer responded.

Wow! Just wow.

Imagine being such a weak minded person that you’ll excuse an “alleged” criminal threatening your family with a weapon that you cry to the police for arresting him just so you can feel better about yourself for being “one of the good whites.”

Color of the criminal be damned. You threaten my family, you better hope the police show up and arrest them before something worse happens, to them or your family.

Grow up, sir, and be thankful the police were there to take this man off the streets, at least for the moment.