‘Why Did I Demonstrate…?’ Ferguson Play Gets Strong Reaction

Eric Scheiner | October 31, 2017

“Why did I demonstrate with everyone?” the Black Lives Matter activist asks aloud in a video released by Phelim McAleer.

“All of us, all of the people who demonstrated, Black Lives Matter – 'hands in the air don’t shoot.'” The activist says after viewing the play "Ferguson" in NYC.

Playwright McAleer says this woman’s reaction to "Ferguson" isn’t isolated upon watching the grand jury trail of Officer Darren Wilson play out in front of their eyes.

“Most people have been reacting positively, thankful the truth has been told at last,” McAleer told MRCTV.

“One family drove from Ottawa to see it, another family drove in from Boston,” he says.

McAleer, the man behind the films FrackNation and the Gosnell movie, wrote Ferguson as a “verbatim play” using the testimony of the grand jury trial of Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown as a script. He says it differs greatly from the story that many were told by the media and sparked a series of riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

“I started reading the Ferguson grand jury testimony,” McAleer tells MRCTV. “I just realized this is an incredible story and it’s not the story the media told us. It’s not what we were led to believe. No one says ‘hands up, don’t shoot.’”

“It’s a very interesting and compelling account. A multiple eyewitness account of the last few hours of Michaels Brown’s life, told from all these different angles.”

The play has been sold out for it’s early performances since the curtain raised at UrbanStages in NYC and is set to run through early November.

McAleer says because of the interest in the play, he’s looking to extend the run or move the performances to a bigger theatre.

“It’s been sold out every night,” McAleer said.

For more information on the Ferguson play, or its fundraising effort, click here.


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