Wikipedia Co-Founder: Site Is 'Propaganda' – It’s 'Commitment To Neutrality Long Gone'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 21, 2021
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If you’ve been frustrated by the overall leftist tilt of Wikipedia entries on subjects of political importance (which includes philosophical, moral, economic, religious, cultural, or historical matters, since politics sucks in everything it can), you’re not alone. On July 14 co-founder Larry Sanger reiterated to LockdownTV host Freddy Sayers that Wikipedia – noted as the world’s fifth largest website, with over six billion visits per MONTH – cannot be trusted to give you truthful information.

You can trust it to give a reliably establishment point of view on pretty much everything. Can you trust it always to give you the truth? Well, it depends on what you think the truth is.

Sanger co-founded Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001, left in 2002, and began making this kind of observation as far back as 2007, saying, at that time, that the site was “broken beyond repair.” 

And it’s something he repeated in February, noting how leftists were inserting establishment collectivist narratives into Wikipedia entries and removing true information, even as social media big wigs were purging pro-liberty or small-government posts and users from sites like Facebook and Twitter.

As Maxim Lott noted in a Feb 18 FoxNews piece on the issue:

The two main pages for ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ span a massive 28,000 words, and yet they contain no discussion of the genocides committed by socialist and communist regimes, in which tens of millions of people were murdered and starved.

And now, Sanger is sounding the alarm again.

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In conversation with Sayers, Sanger observed:

Wikipedia is known, now, by everyone to have a lot of influence in the world … so there is a very big, nasty, complex game being played behind the scenes to make the articles say what somebody wants them to say.

And that orientation is leftist, as Sanger noted to Sayer.

As a person who discovered in 2015 that politically motivated figures at Wikipedia in 2014 purged the page devoted to my television, radio, and fiction output, I find Sanger’s words particularly relevant. Those who had placed on Wikipedia factual, cited, information about my pro-liberty efforts saw their time and research wiped out. Those who removed the information made it appear as if I didn’t exist, despite the ease with which anyone can find my work online.

In February, ChristianAction reported that Sanger is working on a possible Wikipedia alternative called, “Encyclosphere.” Perhaps he will be able to design a site that stands up to the forces of collectivism who have proven themselves so eager to silence dissent, revise historical records to fit political narratives, and eliminate truth.

Until then, at least one can applaud him for standing up and continuing to sound the alarm.