Woke Fall-out? NBA Attendance Drops As Ticket Hikes Were Double Rate Of Inflation

Jay Maxson | May 12, 2022
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As fan interest lags, the woke NBA is not only raising ticket prices, it’s mastering the art of inflation like nobody’s business. NBA ticket prices rose nearly 20 percent this season – double the U.S. rate of inflation. 

New York Post reporters Josh Kosman and Brian Lewis say NBA owners are raking in more cash than prior to the pandemic by charging higher ticket prices. They jacked up ticket prices by 18.6 percent this season, at a time when attendance and television ratings dropped.  

Ticket sales lagged by 7.1% this season, to an average of 13,603 fans in attendance per game, the Post reports. Some of the less successful teams experienced ticket declines as drastic as 30 percent. 

The league’s owners are crying all the way to the bank, though, because ticket revenue rose 10.2 percent (compared to 2018-2019). 

Amid the fan turn-off, the NBA’s average ticket price soared 66 percent to $144 per person. The New York Knicks hit up their long-suffering fans for $185 a ticket this season – a 14 percent increase over the previous year. “Maybe they overcharged a little bit,” said one unnamed numbskull quoted by the Post. 

Lewis and Kosman say these figures come at an ominous time. The NBA is reportedly seeking a new, $8 billion TV contract. 

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“I’d be wondering if this is a canary in a coal mine,” a source who advises NBA teams said. “If I were Silver, I would be on the teams with the biggest attendance drops telling them it was unacceptable.” 

Silver would also do well to tell the entire league to cut the woke blarney, too. It’s also a huge factor in driving fans away. Insiders believe fans were turned off by the NBA’s embrace of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Post story says.  

Kosman and Lewis wrote that some have blamed the attendance drop “on the league’s embrace of the BLM movement in the wake of social unrest following the killing of George Floyd.” All NBA courts were painted with the words “Black Lives Matter,” and the teams encouraged players to wear uniforms with social justice messages. 

“Half the country says this is not us,” said one NBA figure who is obviously paying attention. 

Another of the Post’s anonymous sources gets it, too. “You are as strong as your weakest link. You can’t have nearly half your league with fans giving a big yawn,” he said.  

Professional sports leagues also can’t withstand huge chunks of fans waving good-bye due to woke nonsense.