Woke ‘Shang Chi’ Actor’s Pedophile-Sympathetic Tweets Go Viral

Gabriel Hays | September 20, 2021
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Woke Shang Chi actor Simu Liu is all for waging cancel culture against “overwhelmingly white” Hollywood producers he doesn’t like. Though when it comes to Liu’s own past of pedophilia-sympathetic statements, it’s clear he’s not above getting cancelled either. 

According to pop culture outlet BoundingIntoComics.com and several imprudent social media posts from the actor’s past, the Korean-Canadian who is the new star of Marvel’s Shang Chi action flick, tried to express sympathy with pedophiles on Reddit.com message boards. In essence Liu claimed that pedophiles are misunderstood and we should be more “sympathetic to anyone who is born with those urges.”

Yeah, it’s a bit nuts. According to the outlet, several users confirmed that the account -- a since-deleted Reddit account under the username “nippedinthebud” -- belonged to Simu. 

In other posts the user had stated, “Hey guys its Simu,” and in one of “nippedinthebud’s” posts from a 2019 subreddit (forum) discussing Netflix show Kim’s Convenience, the user indicated that he and his team had just a “couple episodes” left to film before “the premiere.” Simu Liu starred in the Netflix show that aired from 2016 to 2021.

Little fun fact: When Kim’s Convenience ended its run, Liu made waves in the press about how the show’s “producers were overwhelmingly white.” 

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The real dirt came when our internet sleuths went back through nippedinthebud’s posts and found the 2015 posts in which he defended pedos. The account commented in a subreddit on the topic of Germany encouraging “pedophiles to sign up for confidential treatment, even if they have abused a child.”

The person everyone’s pretty sure is Liu wrote at the time, “I recently did a show in which I played a pedophile, and did a significant amount of research (clinical studies mind you, not the ‘method’ stuff) on the disorder and how it’s perceived in the media.” Liu’s conclusion was that society needs to be more patient. 

“In the end the role completely changed the way I look at pedophilia and has made me much more sympathetic to anyone who is born with those urges,” he said. Hmm. Sounds like our new Marvel star used to think we were being too hard child molesters. Very interesting. 

Then he said, ““From a biological standpoint it’s no different than being gay – a small mutation in the genome that defines our sexual preferences. Depending on what area of the world you were born and what time, it also may have been a perfectly acceptable thing to act on those urges.” Uh oh, What do you think the gay community would say now that Liu is putting them on the same level of pedophiles?

Liu also added that despite the fact that “taking advantage of minors” is wrong, the west is treating pedophiles “COMPLETELY the wrong way.” 

Very interesting theories, wouldn’t you agree? Once these old posts resurfaced on Twitter, the actor responded, saying, “Twitter is a slanderous place sometimes, and it feels good to shut down trolls and bad faith actors who want to drag your name through the mud.” 

Ok, well the “overwhelmingly white” producers called, Liu, and they think pedos should go to jail.