Woke Weirdness: This Girl Says She's a Non-Binary Bird

Brittany M. Hughes | June 30, 2022
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Did you know that some people think they’re birds? True story.

Well, not true in the sense that it’s factual, or scientifically grounded, or is at all connected to basic reality. But it’s true that, apparently, some people are either so mentally unhealthy or attention-starved that they must pretend to be birds, and make up an entire set of make-believe pronouns to go along with it.

Meet Camryn, one such person on TikTik who believes she is a member of the “avian/bird hybrid species,” which is a bird (specifically, in her case, a cardinal) living in a human body.

If that weren’t confusing enough, Camryn here says she uses “ey/em/eir” pronouns – pronouns that, according to the left and even some left-wing governmental policies, you’re now required to remember, memorize, and use.

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Why ey/em/eir? Because those totally made-up terms “feel even further removed from gender…and, being birds, while we do have our own gender expression, we don’t inherently have a gender at all,” Camryn explains.

She also doesn't seem to inherently have a clue about how basic biology works.

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