Woman Claiming to Be Fmr. Clinton Mistress: Bill Danced in Frilly Nightgown While Playing Sax

danjoseph | February 16, 2016
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According to former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, Bill Clinton engaged in some pretty strange....ahem...foreplay when he was governor of Arkansas.

In a soon-to-be-released “tell-all memoir” about an alleged three-month affair she had with Clinton at the time, Miller claims that Bill put on her frilly nightie and gallivanted around the room playing his saxophone during one of their romantic rendezvous back in 1983. 

How presidential!

She also claims Bill divulged secrets about his wife to her that were heretofore unknown, including that Hillary Clinton was a lesbian and that she did drugs.

“I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community,” said Miller in an interview with the Daily MailOnline. "She was exposed to all the liberals, she was a flower child...Hillary does drugs too, that's the only time that she would entertain the idea -- again, this is what Bill told me.”

The interview with the Daily Mail is filled with other incredible allegations that range from Bill Clinton using cocaine to claims that she was offered a federal job if she agreed to stay quiet about Bill’s past behavior during his 1992 presidential campaign. 

Why Miller has waited so long to come forward with these allegations is unclear, and is enough to raise doubts about the former beauty queen’s credibility. Obviously, if true, these claims could rock the political world and have an impact on the former First Lady’s presidential run. 

However, Miller does say that she feared retribution from Hillary Clinton to the point where she armed herself as a precaution in case Hillary or someone else on Team Clinton attempted to silence her.

''I think the Clintons are capable of anything,” said Miller. "Do I live in fear, no - because I'm armed too, I'm prepared. You have to be when you think perhaps your life is being threatened.”

Here is Miller in a recent interview discussing her upcoming memoir. 

One interesting non-Clinton related factoid about Miller that can be confirmed is that she was a world class runner and, in 1990, became the first woman to run the entire length of the Great Wall of China. 

Prior to that ,she enjoyed a stint as a folk singer who went by the name of Sally Purdue. 

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