Woman Rams Into Car Because It Had a Trump Bumper Sticker

Caleb Tolin | August 2, 2018
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Chloe Wright, 25, from Taunton, Mass., was so infuriated by a Trump supporter touting a bumper sticker, that she drove her car into his. 

“I could hear her screaming out of the car or something, so I thought man maybe something’s wrong with my car,” said the male victim, who is remaining anonymous. “I get out, all of a sudden I hear, ‘You’re racist,’ [and] a bunch of cuss words.”

“She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man said in a statement. “I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names.”

"It was just non-stop," he told CBS News. 

Not only did she hit the man’s car, but she appeared to be aiming for the man himself.

After the woman berated him about his sticker and he started filming on his phone, she got in her car, rammed into his bumper, and smashed into his door, hardly missing him.

“She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man said. “She also hit the side of my car.”

She then drove away prompting the police to charge her with vandalism and a hit-and-run in addition to the assault charge.

The police were able to find the Wright thanks to the recording the victim took that exposed the license plate number on her car. She was arrested on Monday and was charged with “assault with a dangerous weapon.” The woman was released on a $1,250 bail, and is due back in court on August 28th.