Wonderful! 5-Year-Old Boy's Entire Kindergarten Class Shows Up to Adoption Hearing to Give Support

Nick Kangadis | December 6, 2019
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There’s sweet, and then there’s so sweet that you could figuratively get a toothache. This was very sweet.

A five-year-old boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan might’ve just had one of the greatest adoption hearings ever.

Kindergartner Michael Orlando Clark Jr. was in a courtroom Thursday with his foster parents, Andrea Melvin and David Eaton, for an adoption hearing, and he had a huge amount of support in spectator area of the court — his entire kindergarten class.

“Never have I experienced that before, and it was loads of fun, the kids were into it and supporting their best friend, and the family of Michael,” Judge Patricia Gardner said, according to Fox 17 - West Michigan.

According to CNN:

The kindergartners offered the most touching answers, standing up and telling the court, "I love Michael" or "Michael's my best friend," his father said.

He added that the judge said it was the first time she'd ever hosted a whole kindergarten class for a hearing in her courtroom[...]

Michael's mother told CNN that her new son's teacher, Mrs. McKee, floated the idea to her one day when she dropped Michael off at Wealthy Elementary School.

McKee knew the adoption would be finalized soon, and the two agreed on how to make the big day particularly special for Michael.

As for the new parents, they’re excited to have a child in their lives for the first time in their 10-year marriage.

“He brings us a lot of joy,” Melvin said. “He's just so full of energy and so full of love, it's just been great for everybody.”

Tis the season for joy, especially Thursday. It was the 23rd annual Adoption Day in Kent County. Congratulations to newly official family!

For local coverage of the story, watch below: