Would You Give Your Pet Pot? This Canadian Thinks You Should

Maureen Collins | August 7, 2017
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Danielle Blair reassures The Independent that she does not want to get your dog high. 

Blair, the owner of Canada's first cannabidiol "boutique," thinks that a substance made from cannabis should be used for animals as well as humans. 

Ok, back up. What is she talking about? Cannabidoil is exactly what it sounds like: an oil made from cannabis. It can be used for medical purposes like easing pain. In Canada, the use of cannabis for medical purposes was just legalized. 

But Blair wants to help more than just her human clients.

"Just like humans our pets have endocannabinoid system in their bodies. I started offering products for pets because just like humans, pets benefit from [cannabidiol]," the Toronto-based entrepreneur told The Independent. 

Photo Source:http://pleated-jeans.com/2013/02/04/best-of-the-really-high-dog-meme-16-pics/
Photo Source: PleatedJeans.Com 


But, according to Blair, Fluffy is not going to get as blazed as Snoop Dogg.

"The biggest misconception [for pet owners]," she said,"is it's a cannabis product that will get their pet stoned." Blair explains that cannabidoil contains little to no THC, the chemical in marijuana that has a psychotropic effect. In layman's terms:  it does not have the stuff that gets you high. 

How a government might even regulate pot for pets is uncharted territory. Blair says she is unsure if there are any regulations that would even fit canine cannabis. However, she hopes that medical marijuana for pets is regulated before recreational marijuana for humans. 

Be warned: according to experts, if your dog ingests marijuana or a THC-laced product, he could die. Even so, your dog may not even like it. A New York Times article from earlier this year suggests that dogs don't like cannabis at all.

Perhaps its better to stick to chew-toys and milk bones. 

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