WTF: Chicago’s Leftist Mayor Lori Lightfoot Sings Karaoke While Her City Suffers 

Brittany M. Hughes | October 7, 2022
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The left’s priorities are all messed up. While Chicago residents watch the crime skyrocket in the Windy City, their mayor is busy singing TikTok karaoke.

According to Fox News, Chicago’s violent crime is up 37% compared to 2021, with motor vehicle thefts having increased by 74%.

But instead of working on solving these immense issues, what did Lightfoot do? Make a TikTok to promote the Chicago Sings Karaoke Competition. 

If a mayor has time for something like this - a competition with a $5,000 prize - one would expect that their city is thriving, and that they don’t have much else to do. But unfortunately, the opposite is the case, with Fox adding that “to date, more violent crime is being reported in Chicago in 2022 than every year since 2018, according to statistics from the Chicago Police Department.”

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Leftist politicians are clearly not focused on fixing the crime in their cities.

A rightwing politician would probably be pilloried if they did this. In fact, it would not be surprising if they blame rising crime on Trump. 

After all, they are blaming the rising gas prices on him.

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