'WTF Did I just Watch?': 18 of the Craziest Leftists 'Libs Of Tik Tok' Exposed

Brittany M. Hughes | April 22, 2022
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Since the Washington Posts' technology reporter Taylor Lorenz openly doxxed the user behind the then-anonymous "Libs of Tik Tok" Twitter account, leftists have remained largely mum on the actual content the page was sharing, instead accusing Chaya Raichik of promoting attacks on the LGBTQ community...while never actually addressing the bizarre, disturbing, and often alarming videos she'd brought to light.

Here are just a few of the craziest radical nut jobs that LibsOfTikTok has exposed – simply by sharing videos they had already uploaded to social media themselves.

This person, who identifies as “fishgender” and uses “toy” pronouns.

This drag queen who performed on a stage for high school students.

This woman who claims white people shouldn’t talk about the Will Smith Oscars slap because they “will not be able to understand through your white experience.”

This woman who says children should be taught how to masturbate from the time they can talk.

This pastor who argues that God is nonbinary, queer, and autistic.

This biological man who films himself laughing as he walks into the women's bathroom.



This woman, who uses the “gender unicorn” to teach her 5th grade students about “gender identity” and “physical attraction.”

This black woman who urges white women to kill white men, because “you birthed that motherf***er.”

This person trying to explain “polygenders.”

This woman who says being physically attracted to skinny people is “fatphobic.”

This protester having a perfectly normal breakdown while decrying a proposal to ban gender transition procedures for children.

A teacher who thinks parents should “stay the f*** out of the classroom.”

This grown man who identities as a girl. Not a woman. A little girl.

A “nonbinary” teacher who has her preschool students pick “a new pronoun pin” to wear in class every day.

This woman, who did a weird interpretive dance to help soothe the elephants and other zoo animals in Ukraine who may be alarmed by the sounds of bombs.

This woman who says adopting babies makes you a “selfish piece of trash.”

This person who claims to be neither a boy nor a girl, then braggingly shows off the scars from her breast removal surgery.

This obvious woman who filmed an entire angry rant after being “misgendered” by a child.

This is your brain on liberalism.

No wonder they don't want to talk about.