Yale History Professor Applauds CNN for Downplaying 'American Exceptionalism'

Nick Kangadis | September 28, 2021
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Haven’t we seen just about enough of Ivy League professors holding water for China — or at least seeming to by denigrating the country that gave them everything? These people are indoctrinating yet another generation our supposed “best and brightest,” and they’re doing students a disservice by only presenting them the establishment side of the argument. So much for colleges being places that have an open exchange of ideas.

On Sunday, CNN’s “Humpty Dumpty” host of “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter spoke to Yale history professor Timothy Snyder about what the “reality-based media” — yes, he actually thinks both he and CNN are based in reality — can do with “right-wing media” being a “safe space for liars.”

Snyder, who routinely trumpets leftist narratives, had the audacity of telling Stelter that media outlets like his should “drop the fair and balanced” act when talking political parties, particularly the Republican Party.

“My advice for the press corps is drop the fair and balanced about the one party and the other party,” Snyder said. “Who cares about the parties? The parties are not really the story. The story is whether we have a democracy or not. And the behavior of the parties is the actual story.”

According to Snyder, the story isn’t about the parties, but the story IS about the parties “behavior?” So then the story is about the parties.

I swear, these “professors” simply like to hear themselves speak and talk in terms that they think makes them sound intelligent, when, in fact, the way they speak has the opposite effect.

Snyder then went on to applaud CNN for not making the U.S. seem likes it’s a special place, which it is. If it wasn’t a special place, why do all the same leftists want “oppressed” people from all over the world to come here?

“So I think the main thing we have to do, and you guys have done a lot in this direction, is drop the pretense of American exceptionalism, democracy is just out there like the air we breathe, and make democracy the story itself,” Snyder continued.

So, the parties aren’t the story, but the behavior of the parties is the story — and democracy is the story? Alrighty then.

The “pretense of American exceptionalism” is what afforded institutions like Yale to pay their professors hundreds of thousands of dollars to indoctrinate young people. The “pretense of American exceptionalism” is what allows blowhards like Snyder to be able to spout their non-sense at universities and on television. 

Snyder also called Republicans' displeasure with the results of the 2020 election a “coup.” But, we won’t get into that, because he’s just repeating leftist talking points that Americans have heard ad nauseam for the last year or so.

The irony is that people like Snyder love to be afforded the opportunity to be able to say everything they believe, claiming they’re just exercising their right to free speech, while simultaneously not wanting opposing opinions to be heard.

That’s “democracy” in the eyes of people like Snyder.

For video of Stelter’s question and Snyder’s response, watch below:


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