Ye Gone! Parler No Longer Selling Platform to Kanye 'Ye' West After Controversial Comments

Nick Kangadis | December 2, 2022
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It doesn’t matter how anyone feels about hip-hop rapper, producer and “fashion icon” Kanye West, currently known as “Ye,” when you act as erratic as the mogul does — intentional or not — you can expect people to react, usually in ways that don’t always make sense…or maybe they do. Whatever the case, your truly thinks people like “Ye” and fellow billionaire Elon Musk take up too much of our attention these days.

While true freedom of speech should include extreme opinions — as long as they’re not threats towards anyone’s livelihood — there’s also such a thing as stupidity. And when it comes to stupid comments, that means that you’re not free from criticism or pushback for those comments.

According to reports, “Ye” will no longer be purchasing the social media platform Parler after comments he made about late German dictator Adolf Hitler and Nazis during an interview with establishment media’s number one enemy, Alex Jones.

Let’s put it this way — “Ye” was such a weirdo that even Jones didn’t know what to say during the segment that also featured attention hungry, possible “white supremacist” commentator Nick Fuentes.

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“Ye” commented on Thursday that he loves both Jewish people and Nazis, literally in the same sentence.

“I don’t like the word ‘evil’ next to Nazis,” “Ye” said while wearing a black mask. “I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.”

As a result of his comments, on top of his other current controversies, not only was he “yeeted” (suspended for those playing the home game) off Twitter by Musk, but Parler “agreed to terminate its intent to sell the site to “Ye,” according to Politico.

Here’s the thing — no matter how insane “Ye’s” comments and actions might be lately, he should have the right to say them. But, that’s doesn’t mean companies that do business with him have to be associated with someone who supposedly has those beliefs.

It’s not clear whether “Ye” is serious with his comments or is trying to prove some kind of point. But, it’s very clear that his give-a-damn is at the very least busted.


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