Yeah, It's That Bad: Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Just Cut the Cringiest Video To Support the Left's War on Election Integrity

Brittany M. Hughes | June 22, 2021
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Remember back in 2016, when celebrities put out dozens of videos in support of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? The resulting cacophony of self-aggrandizing elitist voices echoing throughout the Hollywood hills was, at best, nauseating.

At worst, it was an epic backfire, as it turns out millions of everyday Americans don’t respond to starlets who live in mega-mansions lecturing them on who they should vote for and what policies will most greatly affect the unwashed masses.

But celebrities never learn, nor do leftist organizations who think utilizing star power to make a point will actually resonate with ordinary Joes and Sallys who care far more about the price they’re paying at the pump than whatever progressive sermon some A-list actor is preaching today.

Enter celebrity domestic partners Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who’ve just cut one of the cringiest videos in support of the “For the People Act” currently making its way through the U.S. Senate – a bill that would, among other things, weaken election integrity by allowing more people to vote by mail for any reason, greatly restricting states’ voter ID laws (laws which the vast majority of people, including minorities, support), permitting third parties to collect and deliver ballots, and heavily curbing the ability of states to purge their own voter rolls of ineligible voters like dead people or those who’ve moved out of state.

But according to Perry’s and Bloom’s latest production, not passing this wildly unconstitutional and power-grabbing law would lead to an apocalyptic world in which no one has food and what’s left of humanity is huddled in burned-out shell of a school bus eating their own shoe leather...or...something.

In a trailer shot like a movie promo, a bedraggled Bloom and Perry (who were happily vacationing in Venice when this video came out, but who in the film look like they just crawled out from under the rubble of a Walgreens that's been torched by social justice looters) frantically scramble to send a message from the future back to Americans living in 2021, begging them to call their senators and urge them to pass the For the People Act to save the country from imminent doom.

“You are our only hope,” they tell the confused people whose screens have been overtaken by an image of the couple’s filthy faces. “The America you know doesn’t exist in our future. Democracy is dead. We have no voice…we lost our right to vote.”

Which we're supposed to believe happened because people couldn't vote by mail three months before Election Day and actually had to flash their driver's license to prove they were who they said they were before casting a ballot. OK.

Perhaps most hilarious is the very specific image the pair paints in the video: one in which Big Brother “watches our every move” and government thugs bust in the doors to drag off anyone who pushes back against the totalitarian state. You know, kind of like what leftists are going….well, right now.

But don't count on celebs seeing the humor in their own two-faced messaging - that would require them looking past the ends of their own silver spoons.