Yes, a Bird Just Crapped On Biden During a Speech

Brittany M. Hughes | April 13, 2022
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Sometimes, a news story is so serious, so impactful, so important to public discourse that it must be shared purely for informative benefit.

This is not one of those stories.

Oh, but it’s funny.

It appears a bird proceeded to crap on Joe Biden while the president was speaking in Iowa Tuesday, dropping a big, dripping pile of poo directly on Biden’s shoulder in full view of God and everyone.

And the internet had thoughts.

Of course, a whole host of people in the comments dusted off their ability to Google and pointed out that in some cultures, a bird taking a crap on you was good luck – which is helpful, since the country needs all the luck it can get under a president who doesn’t know his head from a hole in the wall.

Bloomerg reporter Justin Sink attempted another explanation for what was clearly aviary excrement, claiming it was “bits of corn” from the nearby silo (which, as we all know, do tend to go airborne and splatter in a liquid-like fashion on one’s clothing).

Either way, Biden seemed unaware of the splatter as he continued speaking – then again, I’m not sure he’s aware of where he is at any given moment, so this comes as no surprise.

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