YOU DON'T SAY: Energy Dep't Says COVID Likely Came From a Lab Leak

Brittany M. Hughes | February 26, 2023
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In case you’re still sporting a nice big paper cut after having been forced to mask yourself and your young children for months, kicked out of stores and restaurants, made to shutter your business or even lose it altogether, denied access to your loved ones, made to shove a q-tip halfway up your brain just to cross state lines, then required to take a vaccine you didn’t want to protect against a virus you weren’t scared of…well, here’s some lemon juice to pour on it.

Now, the Department of Energy says – wait for it – a lab leak is the most likely source for the COVID-19 virus.

Remember when it was “racist,” “fake news,” and ban-worthy on social media to say that? Not anymore, apparently.

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CNN (not at all ironically) reports:

The US Department of Energy has assessed that the Covid-19 pandemic most likely came from a laboratory leak in China, according to a newly updated classified intelligence report.



To be fair, according to sources, the department determined with “low confidence” – meaning they lack more data – that the virus likely originated in a virology lab in Wuhan. But back in 2021, other intel agencies assessed with “low confidence” that the virus had, I don’t know, been dropped on a food cart by an incontinent bat or something, and that was preached as the fifth book of the gospels. So, them’s the standards, now.

Of course, a fat lot of good this does for those of us - including former President Donald Trump - who pointed out in the beginning that the most likely source for a SARS virus that first cropped up in a town that included a lab where Chinese (and U.S.-funded) scientists played around with SARS viruses was, you know, the lab that was playing around with viruses, only to get called "racist" and booted off Twitter and YouTube for our trouble.

So to those who spent 2020 guzzling the leftist media kool-aid and who may still find this latest report shocking, I’ll leave you with Jon Stewart’s take from back in 2021 – now that it’s acceptable to post it and all.

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