YOU DON'T SAY: Former Planned Parenthood Prez Says Org Exploited Her Miscarriage For PR

Gabriel Hays | August 3, 2021
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Former Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen is finally admitting that the organization she briefly headed is apathetic, callous and exploits women and dead unborn babies for a quick buck. Well that’s obvious. Though ironically, Wen isn’t talking about the abortion mill’s role killing millions of babies. She’s talking about it trying to manipulate her tragic miscarriage for the sake of better Planned Parenthood PR.

Well we gotta start somewhere. Yes, PP is bad. Let’s encourage Leana to explore that. 

In her new memoir, the former President of Planned Parenthood (Wen replaced baby-killing patron saint Cecile Richards in 2018) didn’t speak too highly of her former employer, claiming that it tried to convince her to cite her miscarriage as the reason she left the organization.

Of course, according to Wen, the reason she left PP was because of “philosophical differences,” not her miscarriage. Wen claimed in a New York Times column that she left the organization in 2019 because of its resistance to becoming less of a “progressive political entity.” Wen wanted it to shift its focus to genuine healthcare – which is hilarious considering what PP is best known for. 

But again, as long as Wen comes towards the light.

Anyways, the abortion giant didn’t want to be accused of naked lefty activism by its former head, so it tried to convince her to tell the public that her decision to leave was based on the pain she was feeling from the loss of her unborn child.

How’s that for manipulative? Planned Parenthood uses lies and obfuscation to downplay the amount of children it butchers. Why wouldn’t it be just as conniving in this instance?

In Wen’s book, Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health, the doctor wrote that her miscarriage was “devastating in a way that I couldn’t have anticipated.” What’s more is that Planned Parenthood made the pain all the more acute. “This was offensive and hurtful on so many levels,” she wrote of the abortion mill’s attempts to get her to make her story more marketable.

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Wen refused Planned Parenthood’s strategy clearly, and remarked that if PP, or any organization for that matter, made her miscarriage public knowledge, she “could not fathom the additional trauma” that it would cause to her, especially if it were done by “others who wished to use it for their own purposes.” 

To keep control of her tragic loss, Wen went public with her miscarriage story before anyone else, by describing it in a Washington Post column. She explained doing it “so as not to have this deeply personal experience stolen from me.” 

Again, yes, it’s extremely tragic and personal that Wen lost her unborn child. And while we reserve some sympathy for her, we urge her to open her eyes to the reality of her complaining that Planned Parenthood disrespected the loss of her unborn child. Lady, you were complicit in abortion innocent kids! Your sob story doesn’t have much mileage to tell you the truth.