YouTube Satirist Mocks People Who 'Believe Everything the Media Tells You' About Virus

Nick Kangadis | May 7, 2020
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I've been watching YouTube societal satirist JP Sears on his channel "AwakenWithJP" for a few years now. We've even written about videos of his before here on MRCTV. He acts in his videos with the same blind fervor people tend to convey their force-fed narratives with depending on the topic. Sears posts multiple videos a week mocking the prevailing media-driven thoughts, whether it's about politics, society or simply working out.

In a video Sears posted on Wednesday titled "What It's Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You," the funnyman mocks those who have believed every narrative that the media, politicians and other notables have spun in an effort to show how ridiculous said narratives seem when put into context.

"Who knows how to make the best choices for my health and my life?" Sears mockingly asks after the intro of the video. "Definitely not me! So I'm more than happy to put my blind trust in power hungry politicians and definitely uncorrupt groups like the World Health Organization [WHO]. I think they know what's best for me, cause like, they know me better than I know me."

Here's the video in full:


The video above is chock full of great observations and sarcastic musings from the perspective of the usual sheep that watches and believes what they hear on the news. But it seems that Sears focused a lot of his satiric criticism for billionaire philanthropist, Bill Gates.

"I accurately look at Bill Gates as a medical authority when it comes to vaccines and being undiseased, because he's a software engineer not a doctor," Sears hilariously pointed out. "He doesn't have a medical degree, or any other degree for that matter, which means he's not part of the corrupt medical system because he doesn't have any medical training - which means he knows more about medicine than medical professionals."

Sears goes on about Gates for another two-and-a-half minutes of blistering observations of all that is Bill Gates, and the former Microsoft CEO kinda deserves it, too.

On April 26, Gates told CNN's Fareed Zakaria that the U.S. response to the current pandemic was "particularly poor," while in the same interview praising China's response.

H/T: Louder With Crowder