YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder's Channel...Again!

Nick Kangadis | October 14, 2021
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Well, it happened again. Conservative talk show host Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel was suspended Wednesday evening from posting for the next seven days.

On the Louder With Crowder website, an article addressing the suspension included an email from YouTube to Crowder’s “Half-Asian lawyer” Bill Richmond that gave them a “very vague” idea of why the hard strike against the channel was initiated.

Here’s part of what the email said:

We write again on YouTube’s behalf regarding your client, Steven Crowder. YouTube has repeatedly instructed Mr. Crowder regarding its hate speech policy and warned him against continuing violations of that policy through content he uploaded to YouTube. YouTube specifically informed Mr. Crowder that videos he uploaded showed a pattern of recklessly targeting the LGBTQ+ community for abuse and insults. It warned that further uploading of content that targets, insults, and/or abuses the LGBTQ+ community would result in additional penalties.

On September 30, Mr. Crowder uploaded another video that YouTube has determined continues his prior conduct. The video entitled "“Special Guest ALEX JONES on 'Great Reset' & Joe Rogan TRIGGERS Leftists AGAIN!" contains a segment that targets the transgender community in an offensive manner, for example, by indicating that trans people pose a rape threat to women. Consistent with the recklessness provisions of its hate speech policy, YouTube has removed this video from the service and assessed a strike against the Steven Crowder channel. Per YouTube's strikes policy, this results in a one-week upload freeze for the channel. Further violation of YouTube's hate speech policy will result in additional penalties.

Now as we all know very well by now, and as comedian Dave Chappelle said in his recent Netflix special “The Closer,” you are never allowed to say a disparaging word against the Alphabet Mafia, none at all — especially that they, who like to think of themselves as the oppressed, have become the oppressors.

So, was it that Crowder and his crew talked about the trans community and a possible new “pro-transgender law that would force state prisons to accept biological males,” according to the article they referenced, or was it that Crowder had controversial commentator Alex Jones on that day?

Either way, this seems to be just another case of the Big Tech authoritarians trying to keep their knee on the neck of a sleeping giant, which in this case seems to be the truth that they don’t want out there.

That’s why we should all begin watching Crowder on Rumble, where he also livestreams his show Monday through Thursday. YouTube is no longer a safe platform for the truth.