'Zero Tolerance': CNN Fires 3 Unvaccinated Employees, But No Problem with Toobin & Cuomo

Nick Kangadis | August 6, 2021

CNN President Jeff Zucker looks as if he runs his ship as a totalitarian state. They have “zero tolerance” for many things within the organization, whether it concerned former President Donald Trump, or now, people who haven’t taken part in the increasingly forced COVID vaccination program.

According to tweets sent out on Thursday by CNN’s resident pro-cancel activist Oliver Darcy, Zucker told staff in a memo that the organization has fired three employees because they “were coming to office unvaccinated.”

The premise of the reported memo was to tell CNN employees that the far-left organization would be postponing their “return-to-office date” from the scheduled date of September 7 to a targeted date of “mid-October.”

As seen in the above tweet, Zucker reportedly noted that the company has and will continue to take a “zero tolerance policy” towards unvaccinated employees who may show up to the office.

The Associated Press (AP) expanded on this report and mandates from Zucker and CNN:

Most of CNN’s offices are already open on a voluntary basis, and Zucker said more than a third of news staff members have returned. Proof of vaccination has been left to the honor system, he said, but that may change in coming weeks.

The CNN leader said that masks will be required in Atlanta, Washington and Los Angeles offices when people aren’t eating, drinking or in an enclosed private space. Even in offices where mask-wearing is not mandated, people should do what feels comfortable to them “without any fear of retaliation or judgment from co-workers,” he said.

It’s kind of funny that CNN has a “zero tolerance” policy for employees who are unvaccinated, but have no problem putting controversial figures like disgraced “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin and nepotistic anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo on air.

Then again, it wouldn’t be CNN if there weren’t at least some kind of double standard.