Zimmerman Receiving ‘Threats,’ ‘Hateful, Negative Responses’ After Releasing Video

Craig Bannister | April 6, 2015
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George Zimmerman has received threats and “a huge amount of horrible, hateful negative responses” after his first public video statement on the Trayvon Martin shooting death, his attorney tells MRCTV.

Zimmerman attorney Howard Iken, of the Florida law firm Ayo and Iken, tells MRCTV that Zimmerman’s online video has received overwhelming response - but hateful, vulgar, and even threatening, comments have outnumbered supportive ones by a ten-to-one margin:

“Well, the personal response and media response has been incredible. I would estimate the video or parts of the video or the story has been picked up by over a thousand media sources worldwide. I’d be very surprised if there was any media outlet of any significance that didn't carry the story.

“We’ve gotten a huge amount probably by a magnitude of ten times more, and I’ll have a reason for this, we’ve gotten a huge amount of horrible, hateful negative responses, cuss-words, people actually - I’ll go ahead and say it, we had one person - which was an amusing use of her faith - praying we go out of business, which I felt was an interesting viewpoint. “We’ve had some threats, we’ve had inappropriate language.”

Iken says that the negative response has been so threatening, in fact, that Zimmerman’s supporters have been afraid to speak out on his behalf:

“Now, what I believe as an attorney, and I have a lot of experience in these sort of matters and I have experience with Mr. Zimmerman, I think the people that are behind him. I think the people that are approving, I think the people that are believing his story, they’re afraid to speak out.”

“They’re afraid because a lot of the negative response is so hateful the average person would pause before they said one more word after seeing some of the messages. So, we’ve seen both positive and negative – but, I believe this has given an outlet to the supporters of George Zimmerman. They understand it, they approve of it, they know what went on and they also agree with the fair and rightful legal process he went through.”