Wednesday’s CNN This Morning commended Biden’s supposed economic improvements, citing numerous infrastructure bills, now dubbed Bidenomics.…
June 28, 2023
  From the fall of the Roman Empire to Mao’s Cultural Revolution and FDR’s insane and cronyist “New Deal,” central-planning has been shown to be…
July 25, 2022
Sen. Joni Ernst: I Think We Should Encourage Policy That Is Supportive of Helping U.S. Manufacturers Compete with China
July 22, 2022
As the Senate prepares to vote next week on the CHIPS bill – Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America Act – Senator Mike…
July 22, 2022
Sen. Josh Hawley: 'I Think the CHIPS Bill Is Just a Big Giveaway'
July 21, 2022