Law & Order

Elise Ehrhard | January 19, 2024
A new season of NBC's "Law & Order" returned last night with a complicated episode tackling pro-Hamas activism on college campuses and school…
Elise Ehrhard | May 19, 2023
Last night's season finale of NBC's "Law & Order" pushed gun-control ideology in an episode about a U.S. senator's assassination. The fictional…
Elise Ehrhard | April 28, 2023
On last night's episode of NBC's "Law & Order," an angry dad kills a doctor for giving his gender dysphoric child puberty blockers. The murdered…
Elise Ehrhard | February 24, 2023
Wednesday's episode of NBC's "Law & Order" tormented audiences with a tired retread of Black Lives Matter's (BLM) propaganda. If you survived…
Elise Ehrhard | November 4, 2022
The tide is turning in America on issues of crime and policing and Hollywood has gotten the memo. NBC's "Law & Order" premiered another episode…
Elise Ehrhard | October 28, 2022
NBC's "Law & Order" veered from its usual woke direction last night with an episode in which a leftist is terrified of the cancel culture mob…
Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 30, 2022
Even though the pro-life movement sets its goal to save lives, the left will stop at nothing to paint pro-lifers as villains.  In Thursday night's "…
Sarah | May 11, 2010
NBC's liberal television series uses an episode to support gay marriage.
kbrown | February 7, 2007
The February 6 “Law & Order: SVU” used an unusual plot twist to launch another broadside against American business.