Music Videos

Nick Kangadis | July 19, 2023
Apparently, Country Music Television (CMT) has gone woke, because they have displayed that they don’t understand context and nuance while caving to…
Gabriel Hays | September 15, 2021
Biden’s blunder in Afghanistan was so disastrous that it has already inspired musicians to write songs about it. One artist moved to create out of…
Karen Townsend | September 13, 2021
The 40th MTV Video Music Awards aired on September 12, but although the awards ceremony is getting older it's not getting any wiser. The first half-…
Abby Streetman | July 21, 2021
Emilio Estefan is a successful Cuban American musician and producer who moved to the United States when he was only 14 years old. He knows a thing or…
DaysDevon | November 3, 2008
This is a trailer music video for "Days Devon." You need to watch all the way through to get the flavor of the film and the tragedy that came upon…
PatriotMusic | March 27, 2008
Matt Fitzgibons sings "Remember The Americans," which is on the album "Patriot 2: A Celebration of Liberty." (
PatriotMusic | March 26, 2008
Matt Fitzgibons sings "I'll See You Again," which is track 3 from the album "Patriot 2: A Celebration of Liberty." (
GROOM59 | May 20, 2007
A 72-year-old man dances To ZZ Top.