California is aggressively moving to end all gas-powered cars by the year 2035. You might think that would be a big deal on the networks. But you’d be wrong. ABC and NBC responded with a collective yawn on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, allowing 23 seconds and 30 seconds, respectively. But that’s still better than CBS. The network avoided California’s radical move, skipping it on the CBS Evening News and CBS Mornings. 

According to Brent Bozell, “the cracks are definitely there” in the media’s desperate, crumbling wall of protection of Joe Biden. The Media Research Center President appeared on Varney and Co., Tuesday to discuss examples of 2022 midterm Democrats running from the policies of the President. Bozell offered a sarcastic explanation of what a real Democratic ad supporting Biden’s policies would sound like: 

NBC on Wednesday repeatedly lobbied Liz Cheney to run for president after she lost her renomination bid for Congress. Today co-host Savannah Guthrie also repeated the media-created comparison that Cheney is Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars and Trump is Darth Vader. Guthrie deemed “64 percent” of Republicans to be election deniers (without citing a source) and then lobbied for Cheney to outright call for Democratic victory in 2022: “That is your red line. That is who is coming to Congress if Republicans prevail and get control of Congress. Given that state of affairs, do you think it would be better for the country if Democrats retained control?” After the Republican declined, a frustrated Guthrie tried again: “Well, let me try it one more time. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she fears for our very democracy if Republicans win in November. Do you?” 

NBC journalists need to decide who Darth Vader is in their tortured political analogies. On Tuesday’s Today, Hallie Jackson said to an on-screen colleague, “[Let me] raise you a Star Wars analogy.” Talking about the probable loss of Liz Cheney in Wyoming’s congressional primary, she connected, “I'm told by one source that Cheney's staffers are really big fans of a recent editorial that compares air to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Okay, defeated  initially, but ultimately part of the force that works to take down Darth Vader, or in this analogy, Donald Trump.” 

ABC News on Tuesday blurred the lines between the network and the DNC talking points, cheering the “big win,” “big victory” for Joe Biden after the passage of a new spending bill. The journalists at Good Morning America could barely contain their excitement. Guest co-host Gio Benitez hyped, “We're going to turn now to a big victory at the White House. President Biden is set to sign the massive health, climate and tax bill into law later today. Now this is the largest climate investment in U.S. history.” 

Trying to defend the FBI from charges from politicization on Monday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had a Joe Biden moment, forgetting the name of the Steele dossier as he introduced disgraced ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok. Introducing Strzok, the Morning Joe host's train of thought was derailed: 

ABC on Monday avoided the words “Joe Biden” while recounting one year of Taliban rule on Monday. Reporter Ian Pannell lamented how “sad,” “isolated” and “hungry” the country has been in the wake of the Taliban takeover, but never mentioned the President who presided over the collapse. NBC and CBS Didn’t do much better, saying Biden’s name just once on each network. On ABC’s Good Morning America, Ian Pannell was clearly depressed by the spiraling situation in Afghanistan. Reporting from the country, he explained, “One year after America’s withdrawal lapsed into chaos, one year since the Taliban’s victory, Afghanistan is isolated, sadder and hungrier than ever.” 

The haters at ABC late night on Thursday showcased, yet again, that they despise half the country. Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host David Alan Grier seethed about a new conservative dating app, deriding The Right Stuff as “Tinder for bigots.” Grier didn’t really bother to offer a joke there, just that all conservatives are racists. CBS Mornings on Friday also covered the new app with Democratic donor Gayle King agreeing that she would want her kids dating within their political party. But first, here’s Grier on Thursday night: “There's a new dating app. It is called The Right Stuff....It's basically Tinder for bigots.” 

On CBS Mornings, co-host Tony Dokoupil asked about a new conservative dating app, wondering, “So I put the question to my trusty co-hosts, you have kids, would you want —  without revealing political beliefs of your children -- Would you want them to marry within their political belief system?” After pondering the question, King replied, “I think it would be easier. But I just want them to be happy with whatever partner they choose. I really do mean that. I think it would be easier if you were more like minded.” 

[See NewsBusters on August 13, 2022 for more.] Now that journalists see Liz Cheney as a heroic Joan of Arc, willing to be burned at the political stake, it’s good to sometimes remind everyone of the seething hatred many in the liberal media had for the daughter of Dick Cheney. One such example is the July 17, 2013 edition of MSNBC’s All In. Host Chris Hayes raged at the “odious,” “toxic” Republican  who was then running for Senate.