The FBI on Tuesday seized the phone of Congressman Scott Perry, yet you wouldn’t know it if you watched that night’s evening news or Wednesday’s morning news programs. CBS and NBC completely buried the story. ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday allowed a scant 19 seconds to the development, which happened in the wake of the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home. Here’s the quick mention from GMA’s Karl on Wednesday: “And in an entirely separate investigation, Republican Congressman Scott Perry, a staunch Trump ally, revealed overnight that the FBI sized his cell phone, Perry says he was traveling with his family at the time.” 

Despite journalists saying otherwise, Donald Trump really is their favorite topic. This was proven again on Tuesday as Tim Scott appeared on CBS Mornings to talk about his new book, but the hosts of the show fixated on Trump. Eleven of the 16 questions to the Republican senator were about Trump before finally getting to the book. The co-hosts demanded some fixed, categorical declaration, either unquestioning love for Trump or total repudiation. Those seem to be the only options some journalists will accept.

After almost a year of burying Joe Biden’s Afghanistan disaster, ABC on Monday rediscovered the ongoing debacle. But even though Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos devoted four minutes and 12 seconds to reminding Americans of what happened last August, only a scant three seconds of that included any mention of Biden.  In a segment that aired deep in the 8AM hour, Stephanopoulos remembered, “One year ago, the last American troops left Afghanistan after America's longest war. We all remember the harrowing images of the Taliban took back control.” He then talked to three Air Forces members who flew a record-breaking 823 Afghans out of the country as the Taliban took back control. But Biden, the man who oversaw the disastrous withdrawal, warranted only three seconds. As Stephanopoulos recounted, he noted, “It was a stunning collapse....All leading to the end of a 20-year-war.” There was then eight words from an August 2021 Biden speech:  “We've been a nation too long at war.” 

With the oppressive conviction on Thursday of Brittney Griner by Russia, talks are underway for a prisoner swap. And while Americans want to see the WNBA star freed, the network morning and evening newscasts don’t seem particularly interested in just who Joe Biden would be trading in order to free Griner. Instead, ABC, CBS and NBC are simply referring the man offered by the U.S. in exchange as Viktor Bout, describing the ex-Soviet military officer as an “arms dealer.” In reality, he is a vicious terrorist-backer who has been convicted for conspiring to murder Americans. On Friday’s CBS Mornings, Nancy Cordes blandly described it this way: “The U.S. proposal reportedly involved Russia releasing Griner and another detained American, Paul Whelan, in exchange for the U.S. giving up convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.” 

On Tuesday, a pro-life referendum in Kansas went down to defeat, a ballot initiative that would have removed abortion rights from the state’s constitution. Showing that there’s no bigger supporter of the abortion agenda than the liberal media, MSNBC devoted a whopping 65 minutes to touting the vote. And that was just in a 12 hour span. All day on Tuesday, MSNBC journalists excitedly hyped the idea that Kansas pro-lifers might fail. MRC NewsBusters analysts looked at 12 hours of coverage on MSNBC, from 9AM until 9 PM. The liberal cable network portrayed this as the most important story of the day.  MSNBC featured live reports from Kansas, discussions, and interviews at 9:47AM, 10:31AM, 11:01AM, 11:03AM, 11:07AM, 12:32PM, 1:02PM, 1:23PM, 2:31PM, 3:51PM, 4:48PM, 5:26PM, 6:12PM, 7:21PM, 8:02PM, 8:34PM and finally at 8:52PM. (This doesn’t include the full election results discussions that continued from 9PM to midnight.)

Don’t worry about the floundering economy, the White House has explained that it is simply “recalibrating.” That’s according to the network journalists on Thursday who parroted the Biden administration’s attempt to redefine an economy as something other than two quarters of negative growth. Recession is simply a “buzzword” that doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Later in the morning, as the New York Post put it, “The US gross domestic product posted its second straight quarterly decline in an alarming development that economists widely view as the definition of an economic recession.” But CBS Mornings previewed the bad news with naked spin. According to Nancy Cordes, “Typically, if GDP falls for a second quarter in a row, that could signal a looming recession. But the Biden administration has been insisting that that is not the case this time around, that the economy is simply recalibrating after a post-pandemic boom.” 

Parroting the new Biden talking points that a recession isn’t a recession, NBC on Wednesday said the whole thing is hard to figure out. According to reporter Tom Costello, “it depends on who you ask.” So who did he ask? Well, the Biden White House of course. Over on ABC, journalist Rebecca Jarvis said that there might not be a recession “technically.”  It was only on CBS that reporter Kris Van Cleave offered the truth: “Tomorrow, we get GDP numbers that are widely expected to show a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, and that is a key indicator traditionally that the U.S. has slipped into recession.” In the past few days, the White House has attempted to claim that two quarters of negative growth is not a recession.  Back on the Today show, Costello noted that the Federal Reserve would likely be raising interest rates again. He wondered, “But is the economy already on a collision course for a recession? It depends on who you ask.” Apparently the person to answer that question is Brian Deese, the National Economics Council Director. 

Monday morning saw the news that the Biden administration is trying to change the definition of a “recession.” It seems as though CBS Mornings on Monday got a jump on the official government talking points. Reporter Ramy Inocencio focused on the upside to the inflation, high gas prices and struggling economy: Cheap gelatos, croissants and espressos over in Europe. Yes, really. That’s what the liberal press has been reduced to. Inocencio cheered just how far an American dollar now gets you vs. the euro: “The euro hasn't been this weak against the U.S. dollar in two decades. Now $1 just about equals one euro. Which means in Paris your morning croissant and espresso for €3.50 would cost you $3.50.”