During a 2007 speech at the University of Oregon Samantha Power, President Obama's nominee for ambassador to the United Nations, told a questioner that changing "our whole order" regarding world governance "would be welcome". However, she cautioned that "isn't going to happen anytime soon given who has the power and who have the guns".

Terry Jeffrey reports new Benghazi developments to the Sean Hannity radio show after attending today's house hearing.

Vice President Joe Biden made up statitics about background checks while he was doing a "fireside hangout" on Google Plus earlier today.

While speaking at a Denver Post event congresswoman Diana DeGette demonstrates she lacks even a basis understanding of the very magazines she hopes to ban. (h/t Revealing Politics)

According to WDAF, a man entered the First Security Bank of Trimble, flashed a gun, and demanded money.

Despite taking 30+ shots at one can of tomato soup, my girlfriend, my best friend, and I were unable to actually hit it. This is yet another reason why seven rounds isn't enough and ought not be the legal limit for how much amo my gun can hold.

Lesson learned: don't stand too close to a can of creamed corn you're shooting with .45 hollow points.