DEFINITELY NOT PC!! Barack Hussein Obama is THE ONE. Just ask your government schooled child! Under 3 minute video depicting how each day brings new evidence that the Obama cultists resemble German cultists of 70 years ago. It begs the question "Will the outcome be similar?"
Marches are really cool but there IS a BETTER, more EFFICIENT way to take back America.
There IS a better way to take back America.
Our late friend Tupper's prayerful tribute to our founding document. Writer, composer, conductor, artist, patriot, lover of Bach -- Tupper was a true renassiance man. If you don't know his name, do a search. There are PAGES!
7 minutes of one of his last public speeches by Dr. and Congressman Larry McDonald. With small changes in some place names, his words -- and his warning -- from 1983 could have importance for Americans -- ESPECIALLY TODAY!
Newt Gingrich answers question I asked him at debate during his 1990 re-election campaign. I was one of three panelists.
"What is being taught in the classroom today to the children will determine the course of the nation 25 years from now." (Abraham Lincoln) Given that our kids have been indoctrinated with the concept that state socialism is a superior system, Obama wasn't just a fluke, he was INEVITABLE. If we don't solve the education problem, nothing else we do will matter.
Before Hitler and his thugs could implement their "FINAL SOLUTION," the people -- and most especially the JEWS -- had to be disarmed. NEVER AGAIN. AND NEVER HERE!!!
America IS worth saving and it's up to us to save her
This satire gets to the heart of what Democrat Barack Obama really thinks as he speaks about his presidential candidacy.