This election cycle has aroused passions on both sides, and it appears that everyone is angry. The two major party candidates are the least popular of all the candidates who have sought the executive office in modern presidential history. Supporters of tboth Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have turned what could have been a constructive debate about policy into a non-stop barrage of personal attacks on their opponent. It's pretty sad to watch. 

MRCTV was sick and tired of all this negativity. So we traveled down to Donald Trump's new hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., where both supporters and opponents of Mr. Trump had gathered to yell at each other. 


We asked participants on both sides if they could think of anything that they admired about the candidate that they opposed. Could these activists and hyper-partisans find any redeeming qualities in the individual who they are actively fighting against?

After all, one side IS going to have to live with a person they despise sitting in the Oval Office for the next four years.

You may be surprised at some of the responses we received. 



It’s finally happened! The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series after a championship drought that lasted a long, humiliating 108 years.

No. The Chicago Cubs are no longer the laughing stock of the sports world. (That designation belongs to the Cleveland Indians now. Possibly the Browns as well.)

Just to put into perspective how long Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting to finally end their losing streak, here are some of the things that were going on in the United States the last time the Cubs had a World Series championship to celebrate. 

In 1908, Theodore Roosevelt was president of the United States. By most accounts, he didn't much care for the job and was about to retire. Around the same time that the Cubs won the World Series, William Howard Taft was elected to succeed him.















The very first “Around-The-World Car Race” began in New York City. (I assume it ended when the cars arrived in Los Angeles to discover that no bridge existed to get the motorists to China.)


“I can do whatever I feel like doing!” 

Those were the words allegedly uttered Sunday night by Florida resident Edward Dorsey, just before he removed his glass eye and hurled it at members of the emergency room staff at Largo Medical Center. 

Police on the scene claim that they had warned Dorsey not to remove the eye, but that he did not comply.


Dorsey was arrested and now faces charges of domestic battery and battery on an emergency medical care provider.

The 54-year-old man now faces charges of domestic battery and battery on an emergency medical care provider. The glass-eye assault landed landed him in jail under a $30,000 bond.


Do you like your tacos with a little extra kick? 

Well, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Port of Nogales confiscated a shipment of tortillas on Monday and they weren't filled with pico di gallo. 

Agents and their drug sniffing dog at the Dennis DeConcini crossing found three pounds of meth hidden in stacks of tortillas. The centers of the flat pieces of Mexican bread had been removed in order to make room for the far more valuable narcotics.

The drugs were allegedly being carried by a 62-year-old Arizona man who was later turned over to U.S. Customs officials.


Believe it or not, this is not the first time that smugglers have used Tex-Mex cuisine to disguise their drugs. Burritos and tamales have also reportedly been used to conceal narcotics in the past. 


The Amish don’t drive cars. Their traditional aversion to technology has led them to choose horse-drawn carriages over motor vehicles, despite the clear advantages cars bestow upon the average traveler. One of those advantages is that cars do not poop in the road. But horses do.  

So opposed to modern technology are the Amish, that they even oppose “collection bags.” 

A recent ordinance in Auburn, Kent., requires horses used by the Amish while traveling to have bags attached that would collect any horse droppings that may end up on the street if nature calls while a horse is shuffling a carriage off to its destination.

The Amish objected to the new ordinance, claiming that attaching such a device may frighten the horses. 

In an effort to fight the regulation, the Amish of Auburn County have filed a legal claim arguing that the regulation is unconstitutional because it discriminates against the Amish tradition of allowing horses to excrete their waste when and where they please. 

"It's being clearly designed to single out the Amish and, frankly, to discriminate against the Amish,” said Travis Lock, the attorney who is representing the Amish in the case. "This ordinance was passed to target this particular group of Amish in the Auburn community and that in and of itself is unconstitutional and discriminatory.”

Auburn County officials defended the ordinance, claiming that it keeps the streets clean and prevents the spread of disease. 


Trees cannot walk. This is an indisputable fact. But performance artists dressed as trees can, and one Portland performance artist set out to prove it.

Asher Woodworth was arrested after dressing up as a pine tree and walking into traffic. He was given a warning by police, but continued to walk into the street in his tree outfit, blocking traffic at a busy intersection.


Police Woodworth's motivation was to see how people would react to seeing a tree walking around town and how he might impact "people's natural choreography."


Tonight is the final presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican contender Donald Trump. We at MRCTV understand that this election year has been particularly stressful for many Americans. So, in an effort to make this last presidential debate a little more fun, we developed our very own game that combines two great American pastimes: partisan politics and heavy drinking.


While others have created drinking games to go along with presidential debates before, we believe that ours is far and away the most well thought out and creative -- at least, in the history of games involving presidential debates and adult beverages.

So enjoy, and please drink responsibly.


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A newly released YouGov study aimed at surveying American attitudes towards socialism reveals just how little Americans know about communism and events surrounding the history of communist and socialist regimes.

Among the studies most alarming findings, one in four Americans (26 percent) believe that more people were killed under George W. Bush than under notorious Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin

While we can only speculate as to how many deaths came as a result of decisions made by Bush, it is most certainly nowhere near the number of deaths that Stalin was directly responsible for during his 30-year reign as the leader of the Soviet Union.