Tim Graham is executive editor of NewsBusters. 

In a  break in the Merrick Garland hearing on Tuesday, CNN Senior Justice Department Correspondent Evan Perez declared "I think the Attorney General is being a lot more forceful than he has been at these hearings in the past. Often, he takes to punches. Today he's been very forceful, pushing back, getting a little bit, certainly animated when he was being accused of discrimination against…
To mark the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington, the CBS program Sunday Morning aired a commentary by left-wing New York Times columnist Charles Blow, who started out celebrating the speech as "iconic," but then turned on its idealism, touting that King later hardened to the left, focusing on systemic racism. All the leftists prefer the more radical late-Sixties King to…
 Asked about a front-page New York Times story on Monday on how the Hunter Biden plea deal fell apart, CNN legal analyst Elle Honig declared "The takeaway is DOJ has made an unholy mess of this whole Hunter Biden situation." 
MSNBC regular Jill Wine-Banks was sounding giddy on Saturday at the prospect of Donald Trump being arraigned in Georgia in "a really dirty, dangerous scary place," where he could end up "really freaked out."
CNN host Kaitlan Collins brought on John Dean after the Georgia indictment of Donald Trump to ask: is it worse than Watergate?