Rich Noyes | July 9, 2024
On the July 9, 2024 Andrea Mitchell Reports, ex-RNC official Michael Steele claimed, without any evidence, that the newly-unveiled Republican platform is a “lie,” saying the party is secretly still committed to a national ban on abortion (it’s not) and that Republicans would push “an expansion of the Supreme Court under Donald Trump to solidify that conservative majority.” Read more at…
Rich Noyes | December 30, 2023
A new ICE report released on Friday revealed a whopping 6.2 million migrants have been released from federal custody, but ABC’s Good Morning America on Saturday acted as if the true hardship was the few thousand migrants recently bused to New York City, twice conveying the Democratic spin that Texas Governor Greg Abbott was guilty of “cruel and inhumane politics.” Read the full report at MRC's…
Rich Noyes | December 23, 2023
Two days before Christmas, NBC’s Today decided that it was the perfect time to host Joe Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, for some holiday softballs so she could do a little damage control on behalf of her boss. Read the full item at MRC's NewsBusters blog.
Rich Noyes | November 25, 2023
On the November 24 Washington Week, fill-in host Lisa Desjardins asked New York Times White House correspondent Carl Hulse about Speaker Mike Johnson’s Christian views on social issues. “In the past he has dehumanized the LGBTQ population in this country,” she asserted without evidence, asking “should we expect him to go back to that kind of Mike Johnson?” Read the full item at MRC's NewsBusters…
Rich Noyes | November 25, 2023
On the November 24 edition of Washington Week, fill-in host Lisa Desjardins twice tagged Republicans as “the anger caucus,” while USA Today’s Susan Page talked about “this group of Republicans who are very conservative — not just conservative, but willing to blow things up....It goes back  1994 and Newt Gingrich winning control of the House of Representatives for the first time in decades.” Read…
Rich Noyes | August 19, 2023
On Friday’s NewsHour, PBS’s “conservative” pundit David Brooks sound like a Biden re-election flack, touting Biden's “incredibly strong economic recovery,” his “pretty good international peacekeeping efforts,” and who “sends off all the right cultural messages.” “Democrats are not grateful enough for what they have,” Brooks scolded. Read the entire item at MRC's NewsBusters blog.  
Rich Noyes | August 19, 2023
In a report released late Friday, the Biden administration employed some creative accounting in its latest report on the ongoing border crisis, to claim a 27 percent drop in encounters vs. last year. And on Saturday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America seized on the report to applaud how “officials [were] touting Biden’s policies for that drop.” Read the full report at MRC's NewsBusters blog.  
Rich Noyes | August 18, 2023
When a single study targets both climate change AND income inequality, how could the leftists at MSNBC not pounce? That’s what happened Friday afternoon, as MSNBC’s Chris Jansing Reports hosted the author of a new study that claimed the top one-tenth of one percent of Americans were “super emitters” to blame for much of the world-destroying climate change the network spends much of its day…
Rich Noyes | March 31, 2023
Eleven years ago this week, NewsBusters helped expose how deceptive editing by NBC News made the already-tense situation surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin even worse; the resulting scandal led NBC to fire three people involved in the story, yet the network refused to issue an on-air correction or apology. For more, read the full item at  
Rich Noyes | March 2, 2023
This week, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC said absolutely nothing about billionaire Warren Buffett’s barely-veiled slam of President Biden and other liberals for their newest class warfare gambit: decrying corporations that buy back their stock. That’s a far cry from 2011 and 2012, when those same networks helped juice then-President Obama’s re-election campaign by trumpeting Buffett’s call for…