Hispanics actually come a distant second behind the networks corporate interests, as was confirmed with their coverage of the historic swearing in of congresswoman Mayra Flores, (R) Texas, by Nancy Pelosi.

While pro-abortion activists wreak havoc across the nation, the national Spanish-speaking media continue to give these violent incidents as little air time as possible.

Telemundo anchor Felicidad Aveleyra breaks two holy commandments of the abortion-loving, pronoun-obsessed liberal media.   

Univision’s homage to Pride Month took a bizarre twist at the network’s midday news edition with its mandatory inclusivity story of the day.

Telemundo News went into full public relations mode in their reporting about the skyrocketing gasoline prices across the nation, blaming everyone but President Biden and his administration.

New York governor Kathy Hochul´s new package of laws that strengthen abortion rights and grant special protection to their revered Planned Parenthood touted at Univision.

While Telemundo chose to ignore the breaking news of a man being arrested with a gun and a tactical knife near the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after allegedly threatening to kill him, Univision spent 28 seconds on the item.

According to Latino networks newscasts, a record-breaking, 15,000 migrant strong caravan is making its way through Mexico to send "a message" to the leaders gathered at the Summit of the Americas currently taking place in the California.

Univision News persists in pushing their pro-abortion activism onto their audiences.

The horrific events at Uvalde, Texas, where a lone 18-old Latino psychopath shot and killed 19 school children and two teachers, triggered the anchors and correspondents at the Spanish-speaking corporate media to turn the tragedy into political hit piece after political hit piece.